Our Services

Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital Pet Emergency Center is fully trained and equipped to respond in providing quality patient care in most efficient and timely manner. The tools that allow us to meet these demands are:

Bullets 10X10 COMPREHENSIVE ON-SITE (“in-house”) – Complete Blood Counts, Blood Chemistries, Clotting Panels, Electrolytes and Blood Gases can all be accomplished within minutes to give immediate information and formulate effective treatment plans. Additionally, we have on-site drug and toxin screening testing available.

Bullets 10X10 DIGITAL IMAGING – The hospital utilizes direct digital x-rays system which results in rapid image capture and sharing. All of our x-rays are reviewed by board certified veterinary radiologist to assure complete and accurate diagnoses. The hospital is also equipped with ultrasound capabilities for non-invasive screening. Non-emergent ultra- sound is supported by our partners in radiology (Veterinary Medical Imaging)

Bullets 10X10 SURGICAL SERVICES – Our doctors are experience in diagnosis and surgical management of typical emergency surgeries (GDV, Intestinal Obstructions, Traumatic Wounds…) We are direct partners with VSG to provide 24/7 surgical support.

Bullets 10X10 Tiered Level of Hospitalization – By offering four levels of care (Basic, Standard, ICU and CCU) we can assure that each pet is receiving the appropriate/necessary care to match their specific medical and nursing needs.

Bullets 10X10 View Our Specialists  Click here to read about the extended team that enhances the range of services available through the Pet Emergency Center.