With Memorial Day weekend approaching, there’s a lot of pet friendly activities to be had…BBQ’s, boating at the lake, pool parties. This three day weekend is essentially the segue into summer, so there’s plenty of fun to be had with your furry ones! Here are a few reminders to ensure that potential dangers don’t overshadow them…

Bullets 10X10 Healthy eating: If you’re planning on taking your pet to a BBQ, perhaps bring some dog friendly snacks. Chances are, the majority of food being served isn’t very healthy for your pet, and they can even be toxic. Bones from any meat that had been grilled pose another threat as they can become a foreign body or choking hazard.

Bullets 10X10 Water safety: Utilizing water safety is a no brainer, but even if your dog is a decent swimmer, no pet should ever be left unsupervised near water. The water they are swimming in also may not be the cleanest – lakes and rivers can harbor Giardia and other parasites, and the chemicals in pools can be noxious.  Learn more about water safety.

Bullets 10X10 Sun smart: Always ensure that your pet has a shady place to rest. Dogs can get overheated very quickly, so it’s paramount that they aren’t constantly in the sun. Allowing them plenty of water to drink will be vital to keeping them cooled and hydrated.

Here’s to a healthy and fun three day weekend as we remember those we’ve lost!