About Us

Atlantic Street Pet Emergency Center is a 24-hour veterinary emergency hospital.  We are staffed by a team of highly skilled and compassionate veterinarians and veterinary technicians who are extensively trained in emergency medicine and intensive care.  We are committed to providing emergency care when your family veterinarian is not available and we make sure that you and your family veterinarian are well informed and actively participate in the decisions made for your pet.  Your pet is a member of your family and we strive to exceed your expectations for his or her medical care.

In April 2018, Atlantic Street Pet Emergency Center joined Ethos Veterinary Health, a provider of specialty and emergency hospitals with locations throughout the U.S.  Ethos Veterinary Health was formed in December 2015. Working primarily by referral from primary care veterinarians, the hospitals in Ethos’ network provide advanced veterinary medicine and high-quality, compassionate care that improves the lives of pets and their owners. 

We have rolled out our new hospital logo along with the other 16 Ethos hospitals.  You will begin to see our new colors, new imagery and a new logo.  Although the look is new, the team is the same and our commitment remains unwavering. 

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Bullets 15X  Meet our team of Veterinarians who will care for your animal companion.


Bullets 15X  Our Management Team ensures you and your pet’s needs are being met.


Bullets 15X  Our compassionate Pet Care Staff understands the urgency of your situation.


Bullets 15X  We assist the community through volunteering, educational programs, and providing services for non-profits.




The American Animal Hospital Association reviews and accredits veterinary hospitals who meet or exceed their standards for veterinary care.  Choosing an AAHA accredited veterinary practice for your pet’s medical care assures you that the practice has the facilities, equipment, staff, and medical protocols required for high quality care.  Because participating with the AAHA Standards and the Accreditation Program is voluntary, practices that earn AAHA certification have enough confidence in the level of their care to welcome measurement from an outside organization against the most rigorous published standards in the industry.






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