In Home Euthanasia & After Care Services

Pet Emergency Center works closely with Faithful Friend and Treasured Pets who provide support during what can be a very difficult time.  


Bullets 10X10  Faithful Friend.  

Faithful Friend provides in home euthanasia services for the greater Roseville, Rocklin and Sacramento areas.  Founded by Dr. Sarah Whitley,  she believes that a home euthanasia is a loving, peaceful way to let your pet end their life surrounded by the people they love in the home they are comfortable in.

Visit Faithful Friend to learn more. 

Bullets 10X10  Treasured Pets.

Treasured Pets provides after care services and assists you in making decisions during this overwhelming time.  Also serving the greater Sacramento area, they understand the bond between people and their companions and work closely with you and your veterinarian.  

Visit Treasured Pets to learn more.