Miracle on Atlantic Street.

Miracle on Atlantic Street.

While many are watching miracles occur on 34th street this holiday season, the owners of a very special dog Mayah, probably feel that they witnessed their very own miracle right here on Atlantic Street…

A few weeks ago Mayah, who is a one year old Rottweiler, presented to Pet Emergency Center because her owners found her choking. Upon triage, Mayah was rushed to the treatment area as she was severely dyspneic and cyanotic. Emergency authorization was obtained by the owners, which allowed the staff to administer flow by oxygen while an IV catheter was placed.

Mayah was in such respiratory distress that she was immediately placed under injectable anesthesia. Dr. Furtado, (the doctor on duty that night) was then able to properly assess the culprit that was causing Mayah’s inability to breathe – a rock was stuck inside her trachea! Unfortunately, this said rock was so completely lodged and wasn’t budging.

This resulted in a “field” operation of sorts. An emergency tracheostomy was preformed and Dr. Furtado (after a bit of aseptic scrubbing) made an incision into Mayah’s neck region. An Endotracheal tube was placed via that incision, and an airway was finally established for Mayah. Several attempts were made to remove the rock, but it became clear that a bigger incision into Mayah’s trachea would need to be performed.

Dr. Walsh, our Board certified surgeon, just happened to be at the hospital finishing up on another surgery, so he proceeded to then incise two of Mayah’s tracheal rings, and was able to remove the rock.

Mayah recovered beautifully and was discharged from the hospital a few days later, but not before completely warming all of our hearts here at Pet Emergency Center. Mayah could not have been a sweeter patient, always willing to give the staff ‘puppy kisses’ and her little nub of a tail never stopped wagging during her entire stay.

And, yes…even though I may be a cat, seeing that puppy go home and so full of life with her family, truly was a great gift this holiday season.

  – Twilight




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