Surprise! Guinea Pigs!

Surprise! Guinea Pigs!

Guinea pigs, despite what their name suggests, are neither pigs, nor do they hail from New Guinea. Guinea pigs are actually a species of rodent belonging to the Cavy family, and according to history, got their unique name because one used to be able to purchase them for a guinea (a small British coin from the 17th century).

Jessie, an 8 month old Guinea pig was our ward at Pet Emergency Center several times over the past few months. Due to an accidental breeding…surprise! The owners found out that the two female pocket pets they bought for their daughter a few months earlier, turned out to be Jessie and, errr… James, instead of Jessie and Jane.

Jessie gave birth to 4 babies in early March, and her owners brought them all in just to make sure everything went well.  Dr. Amberly Sokoloff, our resident trained exotics doctor, looked her over and gave all of them a clean bill of health.

Then, just a little over one week later Jessie was back at the hospital because of some swelling in her left axillary, or underarm. The swelling, which doubled in size overnight, turned out to be a rather large abscess that would require some very specialized surgery, due to Guinea pigs delicate dispositions.

Jessie was then prepped for surgery, with Dr. Sokoloff in charge of anesthesia, and one of our board certified surgeons, Dr. Coyne, who carefully excised the abscess as one would a tumor.

Thanks to Jessie’s amazing family who went above and beyond for their sweet pocket pet, and the medical care and knowledge that she received while here at the hospital from our skilled exotics doctor, Jessie recovered good as new from her operation, and soon was home nursing her 4 very grateful pups.

Love a happy ending.

  – Twilight




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