Blood Donors

Pet Emergency Center created a Blood Donor Program many years ago to meet the need of patients requiring life saving transfusions. We utilize a local blood bank to supply our facility with packed red blood cells and fresh frozen plasma. When there is a shortage, which commonly occurs, or a patient requires whole blood, we turn to our list of blood donors.

Our staff volunteers their dogs and cats into the program. All donors are examined yearly and tested for blood parasites, heartworm and tick borne diseases, along with a general health profile.

Our staff works on saving the lives of pets daily, and it is a very special day when our pets are able to help save a life as well!

Meet Our Donors


Donor Spotlight

Jackson donated blood due to a recent shortage from the national blood banks.  There are very few blood banks in the country and hundreds of animals needing blood transfusions.  This shortage causes many clinics to depend on emergency hospitals like ours.  Jackson’s donation makes it possible for Pet Emergency Center to have blood available for life saving transfusions!